The Crossing (Star Trek: Enterprise)

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“The Crossing”

Star Trek: Enterprise episode

A possessed Tucker

Episode no.
Season 2
Episode 18

Directed by
David Livingston

Story by
Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
André Bormanis

Teleplay by
Rick Berman
Brannon Braga

Featured music
Paul Baillargeon

Production code

Original air date
April 2, 2003 (2003-04-02)

Guest appearance(s)

Joseph Will – Crewman Michael Rostov
Steven Allerick – Ensign Cook
Alexander Chance – Crewman #1
Matthew Kiminsky – Crewman Cunningham
Valarie Ianniello – Female Crewmember

Episode chronology

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List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes

“The Crossing” is the forty-fourth episode of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the eighteenth of the second season.
Non-corporeal aliens attempt to take over the Earth starship Enterprise.
While at warp speed, a huge alien vessel overtakes and swallows Enterprise, disabling the ship’s engines and weapons. When the scanners register neither the alien ship nor its numerous energy-wisp-like non-corporeal beings, Captain Archer takes Lieutenant Reed and Commander Tucker on an away mission to the interior. While EV Tucker is visibly “entered” by one of the beings before being returned to his normal state. Doctor Phlox’s examination, however, reveals no lingering effects.
Later, Tucker is possessed again, and is soon located in the mess hall enjoying the simple pleasures of food. When asked, the alien says that they are explorers who merely want to experience the tangible nature of the corporeal state they long evolved from. In exchange, the crew would be permitted to have out of body experiences. Archer, dou